Writer, editor…problem-solver!

Kathleen WoodsSome days it’s just me and my Mac. Other days I get to join a dynamic team for brainstorming, strategizing, and fine-tuning. Working on a wide range of challenging projects keeps my mind fresh—and engaged, really. I love knowing that a client got exactly what she wanted—especially if she started out not knowing what that was. I love hearing that I’ve contributed to an individual’s or campaign’s or company’s success. I love variety, but one thing is constant: I love hearing “Your copy has been approved.”

I’ve been told I have the perfect balance between right and left brain: I’m creative and I understand business. That’s why you can count on my meeting (if not beating) your deadlines, working within your budget, and delivering effective copy.

But don’t take my word for it. Read what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about working with me or contact me for additional samples, references, and/or testimonials.

Now, how can I help you?

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